Application To KyberSwap Ambassador Program

Name; Olatunji James
Language; English

Am applying for the role of Brand Advocate/ Thought Leaders.

As a Brand Advocate and ambassadors with great experience in Crypto, DeFi and Blockchain space, have built an amazing social media platforms where I promotes different projects in the past and some present. Here is a link that leads to all my social media platforms; :point_down:

Am a crypto enthusiast with 3 years of experience dealing with Crypto, DeFi and Blockchain projects. My experience includes a variety of marketing, content creation and advertising opportunities. I’m driven to deliver high-quality work. "which means I am well opportuned to work on high-profile, cross-department projects such as ClubRare, Thinkium, Exeno, BlockchainSpace, GBox, Ego x Paysenger, GooseFX, Map Protocol, Challengegg, Islamic Coin, Ethernity CLOUD, Paribus, Cedro Finance, Qoda Finance, Qitmeer Network and so many more.

As we all know, Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial technology that challenges the current centralized banking system. DeFi eliminates the fees that banks and other financial companies charge for using their services and promotes the use of peer-to-peer, or P2P, transactions.

What inspired me most about DeFi is that, In DeFi, those middlemen are replaced by software. Instead of transacting through banks and stock exchanges, people trade directly with one another, with blockchain-based “smart contracts” doing the work of making markets, settling trades and ensuring that the entire process is fair and trustworthy.

As a content creator, have worked with several DeFi projects which have gained so many experience and get to know DeFi better while there but would like to increase my knowledge about Decentralized Finance while working with KyberSwap and also discover the amazing features KyberSwap got for it users.

KyberSwap has some amazing aspects on it DApps such as it swapping feature for all assets (both tokens and coins). It’s a feature with easy UI/UX design for both experience and newbies traders to easily understand to trade their assets. That also inspired me about KyberSwap DApps. Also, KyberSwap DApps has a market reading interface which makes it stands out from other DApps all Crypto Enthusiast has been using before. I would like to be part of this great community.

I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting, forward-thinking, fast-moving Project, and I feel I can do so as a content creator. I believe I have the type of knowledge, experience to succeed in this role as an ambassador of KyberSwap, with 3 years experience in crypto and blockchain space.

Moreover I feel my skills are particularly well- suited to this position because it would allow me to continue sharing my research insights and improving my ability to transform consumer data into actionable, engaging content.

Due to my abilities, expertise, and dedication to projects, numerous initiatives in the cryptocurrency, DeFi and Blockchain sector have reached the top, and I hope to achieve the same with KyberSwap.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.