Application form for ambassador program

Basic Info
Ukrainian, English

Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

a) Twitter:
Medium: Crypto_Hunter – Medium

b) I have experience in such ambassador programs as: Neon Labs, Aleo, Sei Network, Moonwell, Primex Finance, Injective, Paribus, and many others.

You can check out my portfolio and work here:

Since I have an audience, I was able to cover various updates and share KyberSwap announcements on my twitter. Moreover, I have a number of skills that could be very useful to the project: translating articles, writing my own and author’s articles, creating infographics, and creating quality twitter feeds

с) What I like about DeFi and KyberSwap specifically is that it is an open and decentralized DApp that is not regulated by centralized organizations. I am also inspired by the accessibility of KyberSwap for all users, everyone can use swap, pools, etc. from their wallet without any restrictions and with favorable conditions. At the same time, centralized exchanges allow you to use them only after passing KYC and with very low earning conditions.

In general, I believe that DeFi is already changing the traditional financial system and will help ordinary people, regardless of their place of residence and status, to get the best benefits of DeFi, i.e. decentralization, openness, good terms of use, and full control over their assets. And KyberSwap plays a big role in this! I would be extremely happy to become a part of your program and contribute to the development of KyberSwap!