Creator - CTR | Joint Liquidity Mining Proposal #23

1. Project Introduction

Creator is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) project that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the blockchain economy.

CTR token is an ERC-20 token. CTR holders can swap ERC-20 CTR tokens for native CTR coins at the ratio of 1 to 1. CTR token shall be used to pay for BaaS infrastructure, transactions, to buy NFT of creation products, etc.

2. Proposal Summary, Motivation, and Key Details

Creator is a BaaS platform that is developed to help individuals, entrepreneurs and enterprises effortlessly build their Smart Contract and DApps, whether it’s NFT, DeFi, or any other applications, in a cutting-edge and cost-effective hosting environment.

Creator is proposing a joint liquidity mining program with Kyber to help improve liquidity for the CTR token on KyberDMM protocol.

Creator is an ideal candidate for Rainmaker Liquidity Mining on KyberDMM. The project has attracted attention from lots of valuable VCs, such as Master Ventures, Kardia Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, etc. Apart from having the IDO launch on Ignition - PAID network, Creator also receives the support and advisory from Kyle Chasse - Founder of Master Ventures and backed by VMO Group - one of the top 10 IT companies in Vietnam.

At the same time, the project is supported by crypto influencers such as Crypto Villa, tehMoonWalkeR, etc with many activities ongoing. Creator has over 10,000 members in their global telegram channel and the same number of followers on twitter. With KyberDMM, Creator believes that CTR holders also become KyberDMM users, boosting the profit of both sides.

During the campaign period, liquidity providers who add liquidity (deposit tokens) on the eligible CTR-ETH pools will receive LP tokens that can be staked on the Yield page for additional CTR and KNC token rewards. As part of the campaign launch, there will also be joint marketing efforts with Kyber Network.

Creator will provide the minimum requirement of $200,000 worth of liquidity on a new amplified CTR-ETH pool on KyberDMM. Together with requested KNC rewards, total incentives exceed the minimum requirement of $200,000.

3. KNC Amount Requested

$100,000 (77,000 KNC)

4. Project Contribution Amount


5. Network


6. Token pair option


7. Vesting Schedule

14 days

8. Campaign Duration

1 month

9. Project Details

Website URL:

(Creator - CTR | Joint Liquidity Mining Proposal · Issue #23 · KyberNetwork/KIPs · GitHub)


Worthless,What’s the difference between this one? What did it bring to KNC

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Yes! Always great to have more projects working with Kyber, especially new ones like Creator that have strong potential! I strongly support this proposal for joint liquidity mining with Creator.

Vietnam is starting to be an important player in crypto and Creator is backed by “VMO Group - one of the top 10 IT companies in Vietnam”. Looks like their connections would be very valuable to Kyber. the CTR token will also be a newly launched token after their IDO, so I think they will bring a lot of volume to KyberDMM as well, which means more fees and rewards for us KNC holders!

We need more liquidity mining campaigns like this, with both new and big projects, to increase KyberDMM usage. Please continue working with more projects.

The requested amount seems rather high though for a new project. Should lower it down maybe $30K from Kyber and $70K from Creator.


This proposal sounds good. The purpose of KIP-10 was for new projects with potential to be introduced to KyberDMM and Creator looks like a good choice! It looks like a relatively new project but based on its papers it’s got great potential. This could be the first step to a mutually beneficial collaboration and in return, this joint LM can raise the awareness of both Kyber Network and Creator to the DeFi community. Rainmaker liquidity mining can also still continue so we can earn KNC rewards.
I am miffed that the eligible pool for rewards is not a KNC pool but it makes sense since it probably wouldn’t be smart to pair 2 highly volatile assets together.
This LM proposal is also on a smaller scale as compared to the initial Rainmaker (shorter duration, shorter vesting period, etc) so I think it’d be good to have as the 1st run for a joint LM program.

TVL went up to $500 million how is that worthless?

I also support this proposal. I believe that it will have an overall positive effect on the Kyber Network.

This is just a pheasant project

KNC should use excellent projects

The requested amount is a good point. It does seem quite high considering Creator is a new project. Plus that amount is coming from the ecosystem fund. I don’t know how other people would feel about earning more CTR rewards in comparison to KNC but new tokens have more room to grow so I think it’s worth considering. So all in all, I think Creator should request a smaller amount of KNC.


I think you mean “peasant”? If not then you’re really just referencing a game fowl.

Don’t forget Kyber Network was new at one point too. But maybe you forgot that cos your hippocampus has been compromised by your close-minded snobbery.

A - I actually think knc amount is fine If condition B (below) is met.
B - only do knc liquidity on pairs that include KNC. (ctr-knc) - why should people get knc rewards if they are just going to dump them, make them have something at stake.

If we’re going to be doing incentive programs, make sure people are incentivised to not dump knc when they receive it.

gd to see more projects applying for joint liquidity mining with kyber! but this creator project is too new and won’t bring that much users (for now). the asking size is too large for such a new project with little traction.

would suggest a 1:4 split. $20,000 in KNC and $80,000 in CTR, if not it is quite a hard sell to support this proposal right away.


Very reasonable, Creator seems to be a very promising project, and this will help KyberDMM’s TVL growth.

Project is backed by good names like Master Ventures so I think it might be potential one. The rate KNC/CTR is pretty good but it will need to show good MVP to prove.

This project is very reasonable, and the proposal look good with some big names like Master Venture or Exnetnetwork Capital. Creator seems to be a very promising project, and this will have an positive effect on the Kyber Network.

I have read about their profile and website. Seems like they have a good profile and want to contribute the BaaS model closer to the community. I think it’s good for Kyber ecosystem to support on these kind projects.

Kyber’s KNC fund is limited and doesn’t last forever. Kyber should spend more of it on larger L1 or L2 projects like polygon bsc avalanche etc. or established projects which can provide much bigger exposure to the DMM.

Agree with the comments above that Creator seems like a good project to work with but on a much smaller scale for joint liquidity mining since it is very new and has a small community at the moment. If Creator becomes more popular, another proposal can always be made next time.

since this is just 1 liquidity pool, do something like Kyber 10k usd : Creator 40k usd?


This is a big opportunity. The project sounds greatt! Excited to join your IDO :star_struck:

For a new project like this, i dont see they have many thing at stake to offer to Kyber community so rather they should reduce the KNC amount or get back later when they have more adoptions. I would vote No on this proposal if it is ever becomes one with 100k KNC.

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