StepHero - HERO joint Liquidity Mining on KyberDMM

1. Project Introduction

Step Hero is the lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on BSC and Polygon. The comprehensive ecosystem includes $HERO token, world class design of NFT collectibles, cross-chain marketplace and attractive gameplay.

2. Proposal Summary, Motivation, and Key Details

- Proposal Summary:
Our visions are to bring users the most novelistic gaming experience and the most lucrative earning opportunities while promoting the expansion of the BSC & Polygon ecosystems and the mass adoption of blockchain applications. More than that, we target to become one of the leading NFT ecosystems in the blockchain space.
- Motivation:
Step Hero Team is an enthusiastic game studio - a dynamic young team with various years of experience in blockchain generally and cryptocurrency particularly. Our team has more than 50 members with impressive backgrounds in different fields. We’re game-lovers with the desire to recreate legendary characters of their childhood game in real life aligning with the 4.0 technology trend. Step Hero team took time to thoroughly study each character and create a creative NFT project, including a high liquidity marketplace and RPG game. Step Hero is the result of a proper working spirit. Our team’s ambition is to make Step Hero the best NFT game in the market.

3. KNC Amount Requested

$50,000 in KNC

4. Project Contribution Amount

$100,000 in HERO

5. Network


6. Token pair option


7. Vesting Schedule

14 days

8. Campaign Duration

2 months

9. Project Details


this looks like an exciting project with a large and passionate community. will vote yes for this proposal! great to have more new gaming and NFT projects on Kyber

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Is Kyber branching out to NFT gaming? Interesting proposal but I don’t know who will benefit from this other than existing Stephero players

This is very interesting! Looks like Kyber is expanding its audience to NFTs games! This proposal is very different from the usual type that’s been proposed. It would be interesting for Kyber to branch out into NFTs but this proposal will need careful consideration as Stephero is quite a new project and we need to look at the variables in order to determine how beneficial this joint LM proposal will be to Kyber. Maybe someone from the Stephero team can elaborate? The token pair option is also listed as “Others” so I’m curious about that.


Step Hero is a new project but they have a big community! 110K Twitter followers, 94K Telegram members and 16.8K discord members. Looks like a nice game too. NFTs are super popular now and Kyber should work with more of such projects just like how they worked with Axie before. Step Hero should explain more on how this joint campaign will help Kyber but it is quite obvious. this proposal should have strong support!


Step Hero is an extremely promising and potential project. I keep following the team since the very first days till now and both their marketing strategy as well as product development are really awesome. Much love! Will continue to support Step Hero definitely.


Partner with Stephero (the most creative NFT project), that help KyberDMM got a lot of hodler of HERO.
Partner with KyberDMM, help the gamer of HERO got more liquidity and more utility for their token.
Then, the Moon are waiting for them to go …

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Together with Step Hero, I think you can go anywhere you want, not only to the Moon.

Waiting for you and Step Hero breaks the limit of NFT space.

100% supported!!! :white_check_mark::point_down:

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It is HERO-BNB, not others.

With KyberDMM’s recent launch on BSC, NFT gaming will be a huge part of the ecosystem since it’s one of the most popular aspects of BSC. As one of the first NFT games to create a liquidity pool on KyberDMM and with huge potential, StepHero believes that the jointLM program will help both communities thrive on BSC.

Step Hero is lit. Let’s take it to the moon :heart:

Step Hero is lit. Let’s take it to the moon :heart: