Joint Liquidity Mining on Binance Smart Chain with Elpis Battle (EBA Token) on KyberDMM

1. Project Introduction

Elpis Battle is an open-world RPG that features the play-to-earn model. Gamers can enjoy epic battles and earn sizable rewards at the same time. At Elpis, no specific gaming skills are required and users can play the way they like. Elpis Battle aims to create a gaming metaverse that features multiple gameplays to increase the value of Elpis’s token.

2. Proposal Summary, Motivation and Key Details

Elpis Battle is proposing a joint liquidity mining program with Kyber to help improve liquidity for the EBA token on KyberDMM protocol.
During the campaign period, liquidity providers who add liquidity (deposit tokens) on the eligible EBA-ETH pool will receive LP tokens that can be staked on the Yield page for additional EBA and KNC token rewards. As part of the campaign launch, there will also be joint marketing efforts with Kyber Network.
Elpis Battle is an ideal candidate for Rainmaker Liquidity Mining on KyberDMM.

Key reasons:

Elpis Battle is a blockbuster P2E game which officially backed by Hashed, HyperChain Capital, Kyber Ventures to name a few. Our core team is from Zego Studio - #3 game studio in SEA.
At Elpis, we aim to not just build one game but a game universe so our users can have the best gaming experience and earn rewards at the same time.

3. KNC amount requested

• $60,000.00 USD in KNC

4. Amount of tokens project is contributing

• $60,000.00 USD in EBA at IDO price

5. Network

• Binance Smart Chain

6. Token pair option


7. Vesting

• 14 days vesting

8. Campaign start date and duration

• 2 months

9. Project Details

• Website:
• Whitepaper:
• Twitter:
• Discord: Elpis Battle
• Telegram: Telegram: Contact @elpisbattle_official


Is it going be EBA - ETH pair or EBA - BUSD? There seems to be an error in top para. Pls check and confirm

Oh I’ve checked with the Kyber team on this and they’ve clarified that it’s supposed to be a EBA-BUSD pool, not ETH. Guess it was a typo somewhere? Hope the Elpis team can amend it soon.

Anyway, i think this is a great proposal. The remaining pools on BSC are ending in a few days so it’ll be good to get more projects to come in. Elpis also has real promise, with a strong following and an IDO happening today so there’s going to be a big demand for the $EBA token.

Also, just wanted to add that I love how the Kyber team is continuing to ask the community for feedback even tho with small-scale projects technically they have the discretion whether or not to proceed. Really shows that they value hearing what their community has to say and I love it :slight_smile:

Looks really good. I strongly believe as we get and onboard more projects on Kyber, for both launchpad and liquidity mining - we will in turn be able to attract more and more people/funds towards the Kyber network as a whole.

Hopefully this will help push Kyber towards the top of the DEX rankings as it should really be based on the overall usability and excellent use case of the ecosystem and its platforms

It’s nice to have joint LM with promising projects as part of their launch campaigns because that’s when the most traction happens. It will definitely help both TVL and volume and could be the next Axie. Who knows? But hopefully, we can retain the users beyond 2 months and make KyberDMM a go-to place for these EBAbuyers to swap for any token in the future.

Wishing EBA good luck on their IDO and wishing a good Elpis x Kyber partnership!

Yes more liquidity mining for Kyber users! Great that more gaming teams choose Kyber now. the next axie is coming soon. And also noticed that a lot of games are on bsc now over other networks. Proposal seems fair kyber team should go for it