Introduction - Index Coop Protocol Ambassador

Hi there KyberDAO!

My name is Zeb Lelie, I am a crypto researcher and DAOist that has been a member of the Index Coop since its start. The Index Coop has asked me to be the protocol ambassador for Kyber Network due to my previous work and geographical location (I am based in Saigon at the moment). What this ambassador role means is that I will keep the Coop up to date regarding developments within the KyberDAO and the Kyber Network.

Index Coop is a DAO with the vision of making DeFi more accessible. We realize this vision through our products like the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), Metaverse Index (MVI) and Flexible leverage Indexes (ETH2xFLI & BTC2xFLI). In addition to this, we have many more products in the pipeline that we believe will showcase the value propositions of Decentralized Finance. As of this post, we have 1,537,310 KNC in the DPI contract and part of our mission of Index Coop is to actively participate in the governance of the protocol included in our Index tokens.

This is the level of involvement you can expect from me:

  • Attending community related calls for updates
  • Actively interacting with forum posts related to Index Coop products

Here is a brief list of goals I would like to achieve as protocol ambassador:

  • Enable KNC tokens held in the DPI contract to participate in KyberDAO governance
  • Assist with the listing of DPI and future Index Coop products on Kyber exchanges.

Additionally, I will explore opportunities to actively contribute to the community. That will be based on whether I can add value sustainably without compromising my level of involvement at Index Coop.

What has already happened:

  • I took up this role last month and immediately went to work. I have connected both of the BD and Dev teams of Kyber and Index Coop together and will continue to leverage my expertise and network to create meaningful value between the two DAOs.

Kyber network to me is an OG in the space. One of the first DEXs I ever used. The fund I work with has been invested in KNC since the start and the times I interacted with the Kyber Core Team have always been great. The level of purism that Kyber portrays when it comes to decentralization is inspiring. Kyber deserves to become more known among the masses who are joining crypto, and I believe DPI can be one of the tools to reach that goal. So for me to be able to partake in this role is something I really look forward to.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask in the comments. I am also available on discord: Zeb#4772. If there are any active community members or core developers who like to get in touch and explore more ways to collaborate, please contact me!


Thanks for showing support Zeb, and look forward to more contributions & collaboration with you/ Index Coop. One quick question: how can we get Index Coop on Kyber DMM?

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Thats a question we can answer together! I’ll get the Index devs on it again. Let’s get this ball rolling :muscle:

I’ve been observing Kyber for a few months, studying their financials a little bit from the places i could find them, and i can tell you this: Kyber operating in the defi space right now reminds me of what the chemists/physist peronality types were like back in my high school during gym class. I could tell they were operating on a fundamentally more serious level than most, if not all of the other kids.

But it was mostly lost because we all had to put up with the wild animals and silly clowns running and screaming down the hallways for no reason.

That would be notewothy, except here, i honestly think Kyber might have too much brains and not quite enough extroversion and charm to operate right now at the level it needs/wants to. My evidence is the range of the features in the protocol, the intelligence with which they are adopted or abandoned as the space evolves, and the sustained work-rate this protocol pumps out.

It always gets my attention when a player scores and for some reason nobody is hearing all about the big PARTY they are throwing right now. Too busy doing akward keg-stands with the jocks over at binance?

Keep it up guys.

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