KyberDAO Community Delegate Program

Ethereum Address: 0x287aEde4a0F5CdBCEdbfF23A7A4E637e5A4561C7
Twitter(X): @Ceeny007
Telegram: @Ceeny007
Discord: Ceeny007

Hello, Kyber Network and KyberDAO community,

I am writing to express my interest and enthusiasm for becoming a KyberDAO Community Delegate. I am a product manager with good knowledge of DeFi and MetisDAO advocate and ambassador for TethysFinance, a platform that leverages Metis Layer 2 solutions to offer low-cost and high-performance DeFi services.

I have been a keen follower of Kyber Network and KyberDAO, and I have been impressed by their vision, innovation, and impact in the DeFi space. I believe that Kyber Network is one of the most advanced and reliable liquidity protocols that power instant and secure token exchange in any decentralized application. I also believe that KyberDAO is one of the most inclusive and effective governance platforms that empowers the community to shape the future of the network and benefit from its growth.

As a KyberDAO Community Delegate, I would like to contribute to the governance process by voting on proposals that align with the best interests of the network and the stakeholders. I would also like to represent the voices and opinions of the KNC holders who delegate their voting power to me and communicate with them regularly through various channels. I have a good understanding of DeFi and DAOs, as well as the technical and economic aspects of Kyber Network and KyberDAO. I have also been participating in several discussions and events related to them.

Some of my qualifications and achievements are:

  • I have over 1 year of experience as a product manager and hope to bring my knowledge to the fore in this program
  • I have been involved in DeFi since 2021, where I have used, tested, and reviewed many DeFi platforms and protocols.
  • I serve as a MetisDAO advocate, where I have helped to promote and educate the community about Metis Layer 2 solution and its benefits for DeFi scalability, security, and usability.
  • I’ve served as a TethysFinance ambassador, where I have helped to onboard users to the TethysFinance platform that leverages Metis Layer 2 solutions to offer low-cost and high-performance DeFi services, such as swapping, farming, and perps.

I am confident I can be a valuable asset for Kyber Network and KyberDAO as a Community Delegate. I am passionate about DeFi and DAOs, and I am committed to supporting Kyber Network and KyberDAO in achieving their goals and vision. I am also open to learning new things and collaborating with other delegates and community members.

Thank you for your consideration.