Apply for KyberDAO Community Delegate Application - LUKE

Ethereum: 0xb1EC0f307C35fE7a1d2fE2EDc513d9372063ddec
Telegram: @LukeB9
Discord: lukeb9
Twitter: @CanPhuoc

Dear KyberDAO Governance Committee,

I have been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency world since 2017. Having gone through two crypto winters, I understand that this is a difficult period for investors and the project side. The community needs to inspire and maintain spirit, so I participated in building a Social Network, and currently I am the leader of the Degen Insight community. Every day I share my market vision, personal experience and keep the community fired up towards the next uptrend season.

Besides, I have been an enthusiastic participant in the Kyber Network community for a while now, I understand the huge role of
DAO for building and developing a strong community.

With all my experience and excitement and understanding of Kyber Network, I look forward to serving as a Community Delegate and contributing to the continued success of Kyber Network.