KyberDAO community deligate application

Ethereum address: 0x51ECe183Ce5D3b2DaD3a3367d65CFfbEd0da0777
Telegram: @faithyebony
Discord: shuga3726
Twitter: @faith_ebony001
Email: [email protected]

Dear KyberDAO Governance Committee,

I am writing to express my strong interest in becoming a Community Delegate and actively contributing to the KyberDAO ecosystem. I have been an enthusiastic participant in the Kyber Network community for quite some time, and I am eager to take on a more involved role in shaping the future of this remarkable decentralized platform.

My journey in the blockchain and decentralized finance space has been marked by a deep passion for the principles of transparency, decentralization, and financial empowerment. Kyber Network’s commitment to these values aligns perfectly with my own aspirations.

I am excited about the opportunity to actively participate in KyberDAO’s governance, contribute to its growth, and collaborate with other stakeholders to make informed decisions that steer Kyber Network towards a bright future.

I look forward to the possibility of serving as a Community Delegate and contributing to the continued success of Kyber Network.

Best regards.