KyberDAO Community Delegate Application 1

Ethereum Address: 0xe18A98f45D19ca3079f803DBCe8dBb65D597138e
Telegram: @JustusEkon
Discord: Papijhaytu#1092
Twitter(X): @@iamdjjustunez
Medium: Ekon Justus – Medium

Dear KyberDAO Community,

I’d like to express my greatest interest in the KyberDAO Community Delegate Programme, as set out above. I am thrilled to have the chance of contributing my experience and insight in governance processes for KyberDAO, having an excellent track record on community management, project management as well as effective communication within the blockchain and Web3 space.

I am convinced that my background is perfectly compatible with the responsibilities of this post after a thorough examination of the requirements and objectives for the role of KyberDAO Community Delegate. I am a great asset to support and represent the community of KyberDAO, due to my documented track record as an effective communicator or data analyst involved in web3 and Blockchain space.

I understand the importance of effective communication, engagement, and problem solving within the community, having over 5 years of experience in the web3 domain and more than a year of hands on involvement as a community manager, moderator, and active member. My work at MetisDAO, where I have repeatedly been recognised as the Most Active Member of the Community, highlights my commitment to promote meaningful connections and deliver outstanding support.

Based on my experience in project management, I am attracted to details and an ability to identify and address the concerns of the Community as systematically as possible. It is my commitment to keeping pace with the most recent web3 and blockchain trends that will allow me to share useful information about our community members, providing an environment of learning and development.

I am happy to be able to serve as a Delegate of KyberDAO’s community, giving my enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for Blockchain technology an opportunity to contribute towards its success. I’m confident the ecosystem of KyberDAO will be strengthened by my capacity for project management, communication and excellence in service.

I’d like to thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to hearing your opinion on how my experience can help KyberDAO achieve its goals and objectives.

Best regards,
Justus Ekon