My ambassador application to Kyber Network!

Hi, my name is Ilya, I am from Ukraine from the city of Ivano-Frakovsk that is located in the west of the country. I am 20 years old and I have been in the field of cryptocurrencies for more than two years. I participated in many testnet and be an early user of many projects, such as Aptos, Arbitrum, Optimism, DYDX. I have experience in trading, especially on DEX. In general in the field of cryptocurrencies I have experience and know a lot about the projects. I am interested in Ambasador programs because it develops me as an Influencer and at the same time people learn more about the project thanks to me.

I have been involved in Ambasador programs such as Omni Network, Injective, RedStone and TomoChain. My job was mainly content creation and translations. I was also a community manager and admin in some communities, for example I administered the Iguverse project and monitored the chat. I have experience in managing the Ukrainian-language twitter account Omni Network.

At KyberSwap I would like to become Brand Advocates but I can also be Technical Advisors. I would also like to take part in the promotion of KyberNetwork in Ukraine, because I know this market well enough. In addition, I have a Telegram channel on the subject of cryptocurrency, which I try to develop and already have more than 1000 subscribers. The link to the channel will be below!

You can see some examples of my work at the link: Google document

My social networks:

Discord: brouk2313
Telegram Channel
Telegram Account
Email: [email protected]