Ambassador Application - KyberSwap

Basic Info
Ukrainian, English, Russian languages

Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

DISCORD - bribery14#4302
TELEGRAM - @ilyaplysyuk

Here is my short resume:

I work in cryptocurrency for more than a year, now I switched to 24/7 format in crypto, this is my main advantage, I am ready to be useful and work literally all the time, also I have a good knowledge of blockchain in general, I took part in many NFT projects. I consider that in cryptocurrency sphere one of the main advantages over others is connections, getting to know the right people who can tell you some alpha, during this time there are a lot of such people in my social circle.

I have experience as a moderator in projects like:

These are the biggest ones I took part in, unfortunately they were slow rugs

With Ambassador projects I was a member of, the essence of Ambassador programe consisted in shilling the project in social networks. At the moment I’m an Ambassador of project.

Also now I am Newrl project ambassador

The Graph ambassador

Yeeha Games ambassador

In total I have more then 1.5 year of experience working on different WEB3 projects

I am ready to moderate a community, I can write various articles on the topic of the project and translate them into my native language - Ukrainian or Russian, also I own a good level of English. In addition, ready to provide my personal social networks to promote the project.