Ambassador KyberSwap

DISCORD - KreigDkšŸ„·#6128
TELEGRAM - @mrspar

Basic Info

  • Stanislav
  • Polish.Ukraine, English


  1. Community Champions

In total I have more then 2 year of experience working on different WEB3 projects

A) I am currently an ambassador for projects like Injective( and Katana( I am an active member of the chat room. Conducted various contests for the community, helped moderate the chats, helped newbies get the hang of it and told them what to do. Also do content for these projects on Twitter, Medium.

B) I already have experience as a project ambassador, I really know how to get new members into the active life of the project. I have good experience with different editors such as : Photoshop, Canva, Adobe effects, adobe illustrator. I have known about your project for a long time and I am very happy to help in its development.