Tools for L2 based projects

It recently came to my attention that L2 is necessary for mass adoption in the short to medium term. I do not suggest that Kyber gets into the business of developing l2 for its core product however I’m curious about what tools and innovations Kyber might provide to networks already deploying L2 infrastructure.

my whole perspective on market opportunity was opened up after learning about the Everest project. I don’t think Kyber needs to catch up to folks who are already deploying L2 for a suite of integrated services but, if it can add value in the transaction layer space then that’s a huge market opportunity tapped.

Right now Kyber will receive some marginal benefit relative to the scale of opportunity Everest is unlocking.


We have been studied and doing a lot of experiments with L2. In a couple of months we will plan to release a public demo for our L2 initiative. It will be super interesting and bring very different added value compared to exiting L2 projects. Thats all i can share for now.


And that’s plenty enough to give me confidence in your plans :relaxed: thanks for commenting!