Application for Kyber (Noob) Advocate

I go by G-kongz and I primarily communicate in English and memes.

You can find my Twitter here -

So what makes me different and why do I want to be part of Kyber?
Of all the dApps that I have used, Kyber was the first that got me because of the color scheme they chose. Really I like the whole black and green motif. Also the term Kyber reminded me of Star Wars and the whole idea of a lightsaber. I digress.

The real reason why I would like to be an ambassador/brand advocate/community loudhailer is that I believe Kyber is a very powerful tool if, and only if, anyone knows how to use it. As a DeFi noob who believes that DeFi is the future of finance, I hope to be the person that will ask the questions that people think are too simple and be the voice of the potential next billion users who have yet to own their own metamask wallet.

I know nothing about best slippage parameters, how to assess liquidity pool efficiency or even properly choose a pool to farm. Heck, the one time I tried to put my KNC to work it disappeared from my wallet and ended up nowhere to be found, only for it to reappear once I revoked all access. The best part, when I asked for help on discord, someone was phishing as the moderator and wanted to try to “help” me.

These are all the challenges I faced as a DeFi noob and I believe I will not be the last. While I have been trying to educate myself on the concepts, the application is a lot harder than even I imagined it to be. Hopefully, I can be that resource, beta tester or even fail-safe for Kyber to idiot-proof their experience one day.

Lastly, thank you for reading and supporting my application if you got this far. By having this new badge, i hope that this will also give me further license to spam memes on Imran’s twitter account so that he can fulfil his potential as the DeFi thought leader/Jedi he is meant to be.

Also I host AMAs for Avium/Aeon on topics I know nothing about but trying to simplify them for the even the most non-native Web3 folks.

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Nice, thanks for the application. Knowing your strong links to NFT communities, would be interested to see how you advocate for defi & KyberSwap to NFT users and cross-pollinate.

Hi @G_Kongz
Thank you for your application, kindly check your message to discuss further details with Kyberswap team.

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