Ambassador Program Application (Technical Advisor) - Rhys

Name: Rhys Evans
Based: London, United Kingdom
Languages: Native English

Twitter: revanscrypto
Telegram: rhys_evans

Technical expert/advisor best describes the role I would seek to play as part of the Kyberswap Ambassador Program! However, I feel my contributions would touch across a number of the highlighted categories.

Over the last several years I have delved deeply into the DeFi space, experimenting with every novel innovation from trading on some of the first DEXs to bridging carbon credits via Toucan Protocol and using them as collateral. Kyberswap excites me for a myriad of reasons: interesting campaign program, and the novel limit order feature. It was also one of the first DEXs to offer LP opportunities for ARB token holders, as far as I am aware.

My role as a venture analyst for a prominent fund in the UK (happy to disclose privately) puts me in a brilliant position to assess and articulate Kyberswaps strengths and weaknesses as a upcoming DeFi product. Most recently working on the periphery of DeFi innovation with a project looking to enable cross-chain collateralised lending/borrowing via a bridge-aggregation function. A couple other projects we have worked with: Hubble Protocol, Magpie Protocol, Concordium, Jiritsu Network.

Kyberswap exists in a rather saturated market of DEXs and hence, needs to act decisively going for to continue to win TVL and volume. The direct fiat to crypto rail available is a great example of this dynamism. Some of my suggestions: seeking to strike partnerships with other ETH L2 scaling solutions that are launching (Scroll, Taiko etc.), greater creativity around the trading campaigns (partner with and finally more presence in Western geographies via events/conferences/marketing efforts - something I would look to coordinate.

Overall, I am excited to continue this discussion and reveal more about my potential value-add. Amazing to see Vietnamese teams continue to impress on the international crypto stage!


Interesting to see your background and range of work and interests, Rhys! Open to hear more details on your ideas of increasing competitiveness within the dex space, and even maybe open discussions on how can we differentiate by doing things not typical of a dex. Perhaps a KyberSwap community meetup in London or nearby is in order, we do have team members not too far away :slight_smile: Thanks for the application.

Hi Rhys,
Your application has caught our attention, we would love to have chance for more detailed discussion. Please help to check your Message box and let us know about your thoughts.