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Name: Louis Roux
Language: ENG

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I’m happy to tell you a little about myself and my DeFi experience. I have been passionate about this field for a long time and have been able to get to know various projects such as Injective, Mufex, Credits (CryptoApp), Band Protocol and others. In the process of working with them, i have been able to establish a productive collaboration. Here are my recent works

Besides DeFi, i also have video editing and graphic design skills (Examples). My work is distinguished by a pleasant visual design and good presentation.
Usually i post content on twitter or a medium, as i said earlier, i love when everything is beautiful and i try to improve the quality and competent presentation of content.

When it comes to Dapps like KyberSwap, i am inspired by their ability to provide people with easy and secure access to exchange and trade various cryptocurrencies. DEX like KyberSwap eliminate the need to rely on intermediaries or centralized exchanges, which opens up new horizons for users, giving them more freedom and control over their own funds.

And in the end, i am inspired by the opportunity to participate in the creation and development of innovative Dapps that are changing the way people manage their finances. DeFi developers and project teams are working wonders, creating new opportunities and transforming the financial system. This motivates me to work in this area and contribute to its development.

Contact with me:

Discord: hitaro#4107
Tg: @bladeonmyneck
[email protected]

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