Ambassador program

Hello, My Name is Iniubong Abasi i’m from Nigeria , I’m writting to offer my service as Social Media Ambassador.

As a Social Media Ambassador I will help create content (Articles, Image designs and Memes) that explain concepts to my audience and also create social media awareness for Kyberswap.

Experience: 4 years
Location: UTC+1, Nigeria
Available hrs: 20 Hours/Day
Languages: Pidgin ( Native ), English ( Native ).

I’m passionate about crypto, blockchain, web3, Nfts, metaverse, Content creation and Community management something that I like and enjoy.

Projects I have worked with:
Phuture ( Community Manager)
Polkabridge ( Ambassador)
Ikonic (Ambassador)
Terablock ( Ambassador )
PlayerOne ( Community Manager)
Engine of Fury ( Ambassador )
DIFX (Ambassador)
Ruby Protocol (Ambassador)
Covalent (Ambassador)
Basketballverse (Ambassador)
Polkadot (Ambassador)
Precog Finance (Ambassador)
Decubate (Ambassador)
Inery (Ambassador)

I love generating Contents that aids in the explanation of Blockchain concepts. I also adore teaching and propagating Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

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