Application as a Brand Advocate

Basic Information:

My name is John Peace
Preferred language - English

Public Social Media channels:

Discord: Johnpeace#6369
Telegram: @johnpeace2
Medium: Johnpeace838 – Medium

My Experience in the Blockchain and Crypto Space:

My name is JOHN PEACE, and I’m a joyful and affectionate individual. I possess a strong commitment to self-improvement and strive to achieve my goals. With over 3 years of experience in the blockchain industry, I am highly knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (Defi). I have served as an Ambassador for various projects, including Oasis Network, Waves Protocol, NFTrade, Matrix AI Network, and many others. Utilizing my expertise as a content creator and graphic designer, I have produced informative content and visually appealing infographics on my social media platforms to educate people and attract potential investors to these projects.

My Inspiration:

The potential and financial liberation that DeFi brings, particularly the independence from government control, have been a great source of inspiration for me. DeFi plays a crucial role in removing intermediaries from the traditional banking system, resulting in faster and more seamless transactions. By utilizing dApps like KyberSwap, which accumulate liquidity and facilitate the direct exchange of tokens without the involvement of third parties, the need for traditional banking systems is replaced. I would be deeply honored if given the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for KyberSwap.

Below is the link to my Resume/Portfolio: