Application for ambassador program

My name is Divine chineyeze.
Preferred language is English

Public channels

Discord: Majesty2510#3386
Telegram: @Ratiolord
Medium: Majesty Divine – Medium


I’m a web3/blockchain enthusiast, a DeFi researcher and an experienced community Manager/moderator. I have actively moderated, managed and promoted several NFT & crypto projects. I’m a self dedicated and goal oriented person. I have worked in the blockchain industry for more than 3 years. I’m a crypto and Defi enthusiastic person with broad knowledge about the blockchain industry. I have vast experiences as an Ambassador as i have worked for projects like Bora, Waves blockchain and others. I used my skills as content creator and graphic designer to make content and infographics in enlightening people and potential investors avout the projects on my social media handles.


I was inspired by what DeFi could offer, the possibilities and financial freedom it creates for people and most especially the freedom from government. DeFi helps to eliminate traditional banking system, most especially the middlemen and this aided quicker and smooth transactions. Using a dApp like KyberSwap, which accumulate liquidity and enables the swiftly exchange of tokens without any third parties, and this replaces the traditionalbanking system. It’ll be a great honour if im chosen to be an ambassador at KyberSwap.