Application as a Brand Ambassador

Basic Info

My name is imobeke melvin but you can call me melvin
Preferred language is English

Public channels

Discord: hae_mee#5181
Telegram: @happyboy_melvin




I am a crypto and Defi enthusiastic with broad knowledge about the blockchain industry. For 6 years now I’ve been heavily invested in the blockchain ecosystem, I’ve been able to work with some projects like bybit,Huobi ix swap, Manta&calamari , one world nation ,pontem network ,coinstore, Paysenger and oasis protocol, doing various tasks like

Promoting the project in different crypto communities and creating awareness on platforms like telegram, Twitter, linkedin, Reddit, Medium etc.

I use my Twitter platform more to promote the projects with daily write-ups, retweet on project acknowledgments, comment on influencers posts to create massive awareness, engagements and create my own post to promote the project on a long term scale.

Using my Telegram I share the projects contents and fundamentals in various active telegram communities. I would create excellent video concept or writings for the project that would trigger massive awareness

On medium I would write educative understandable article about the project. The article would relate to the project positively and it will trigger massive awareness for the project

With my experience I would create good and quality content for this project which would not only showcase it’s vision but it’s mission as well and also educate the public on the importance of this project.


What DeFi could offer, the opportunities and financial independence it gives people, and most importantly, the freedom from government, inspired me. Faster and more seamless transactions were made possible by DeFi’s assistance in dismantling the traditional banking system, particularly the intermediaries. by replacing the conventional banking system with a decentralized application (dApp) like KyberSwap, which builds liquidity and permits the quick exchange of tokens without the involvement of third parties. If I am selected to be an ambassador at KyberSwap, it will be an incredible honor.