Application For Brand Advocate/Thoughtful Leader

Basic Info:
Name: Emmanuel Umoh
Preferred Language: English

My Social Platform or Channels:
YouTube: Umoh Emmanuel - YouTube
Medium: Umoh Emmanuel – Medium
Discord: NhuelCryp#7234
Telegram: Marv_Cryp

I’m a crypto and DeFi enthusiast, also passionate about Web3, with 3 years of experience in the crypto space and i also have passion for growing and promoting crypto projects. I have experience in managing local communities on social media, for example, a telegram group, discord server and sub-reddit page, also in creating graphic designs, articles, graphics, memes, infographics, organizing virtual and physical meet-ups in local communities, and creation of video. I have had the opportunity to work for crypto and blockchain projects such as Ego_Paysenger, Zignaly, Ineryblockchain, Bluzelle and Oasis protocol, using my graphic design and content creation skills to promote and bring visibility to all the projects I have worked for. Working for all these crypto projects has been a wonderful experience.
My Portfolio: My portfolio - Google Docs

I’m inspired by the way Web3 and DeFi are transforming wealth management by making it more accessible and transparent. DeFi is enabling individuals to invest, trade, lend, and borrow without intermediaries. Also the way DeFi replaces human intermediaries and trust mechanisms with public blockchains and open-source software, it’s cheaper (fewer fees), more efficient (faster transaction times) and more transparent (less opportunity for corruption) than the traditional financial system. With a dApp like KyberSwap, which is DeFi’s first dynamic market maker, that aggregates liquidity and enables the exchange of tokens without an intermediary, with what KyberSwap has built, the DeFi world stands better than the traditional financial system.I will be privileged to work as KyberSwap ambassador.