Interest in KyberSwap

Basic Info
My name is Favour Ekpot
Preferred language is English

Role interested in- Brand Advocate/Thought Leader

Public Channels-
Discord- CryptoBaddie#4023
Telegram- @Akehh
Medium- [#Favvs – Medium]

Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Favour a crypto and blockchain enthusiast. I have been in the blockchain space since 2020 and with the years of working for different projects I have gathered first hand experience that’ll aid in the marketing of your project to the blockchain community.
I’m experienced with great interest in DeFi and blockchain projects.
Here are some of the projects I’ve worked with who have entrusted a section of the marketing into my hands and also currently working with:

Swallet - content creator/ ambassador
PettoVerse - Ambassador
StarHeroes game - Ambassador, Content Creator
EosBees - Ambassador, Content creator
HoneyWood- Ambassador, Content creator
Chaindustry- Community moderator intern E.T.C
Oasis protocol - Ambassador and content creator

Working on these projects , I have been able to contribute my quota and still contributing and spreading relevant information to the crypto space on how these projects would make the world a better place .

As an ambassador,

I will create relevant awareness of this project through the creation of tailored contents by writing blogs, making videos, creating infographics , tweets and retweet posts and will be doing this on my social media platforms

My inspiration for joining this campaign is linked to my passion for the blockchain space and desire to educate the blockchain community about life changing projects.I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to this project

I am drawn to this project commitment to innovation and its reputation to the crypto community. Using a dApp like KyberSwap I have the ability to access a wide range of tokens and cryptocurrencies from different blockchain networks. This gives me the opportunity to participate in global markets, trade assets seamlessly, and explore various investment opportunities.

I believe that this is where I can utilize my skills and knowledge as an ambassador while also continuously learning and growing professionally in the skill of work…