Joining the Ambassador program

Name:Gideon Ukpai

Fluent Languege:English,French,Spanish

Previous Roles held: Ambassador, Community Manager, Content writer,Web developer.

SKILLS: Content writer,Web developer,Project Management.

Public channels/Social Links.

Medium:Gideon Ukpai

My name is Gideon,I’m a Dedicated and goal oriented person and sometimes i tend to be a perfectionist. I’ve worked/being in the Web3 and blockchain space for 2 years now,so I’m well grounded with knowledge about the space.
I’ve been able to acquire vast experience in being an ambassador as i have been able to work as an ambassador for projects like Oasis,Velocore,Bora,Waves amidst others, I’ve also held post of Community/Project manager,content writer,web developer for some projects like :Win95,Grimoire finance,Pawz E.t.c.
I’ve used my skills to make threads,Articles and make educative infographics to enlighten people about the projects I’ve worked for.

I was inspired by what DeFi could offer, the possibilities and financial freedom it creates for people and most especially the freedom from government. DeFi helps to eliminate traditional banking system, most especially the middlemen and this aided quicker and smooth transactions. Using a dApp like KyberSwap, which accumulate liquidity and enables the swiftly exchange of tokens without any third parties, and this replaces the traditional banking system. It’ll be a great honour if im chosen to be an ambassador at KyberSwap.

I am confident that my social channel and influence will bring value to Kyber Network to help you grow your presence in Africa and french countries that are still relatively new to Web3

This below is my Proof of work for other projects.

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