Application for Community Champion

Name: My name is Deborah Otton
Language: English
Role: Community Champion

My Experience:

  • I currently work as a community admin and African Regional Representative for Venus Protocol (2022 - NOW)(Telegram: Contact @venusprotocol).
    My task includes;
  1. Interacting with community members everyday and answer questions asked by users of the protocol.
  2. Hosting weekly learning events for members (online and offline)
  3. Organizing workshops to teach both new and old users how to use the protocol efficiently.
  4. Contacting and organizing AMAs with other top tier projects.
  5. Sharing announcements on my social media platforms.
  6. Making contents on twitter, tiktok and youtube for promotional purposes.
  • I currently work as a content developer (Marketing OG) for Gro DAO (2021 - NOW). I make threads, videos and infographics to be posted on the Gro DAO’s official twitter page.

  • I worked as a community growth strategist for Alchemy Pay (2022-2023 February)
    I was responsible for researching ideas to attract more genuine members and users into the server and keeping the group active however creative way I could. I also created and managed crew3 tasks for the community members.

  • I worked as a community moderator for Spores Network (2021-2022)

  • I also worked as an Ambassador lead for OpenOcean (2021-2022). I was responsible for making promotional contents, creating tasks for ambassadors and grading them.

Why I believe I’m a great fit:
I believe I would be a great fit for Kyberswap because with my level of understanding and experience, I know I can contribute effectively to aid the growth of Kyberswap’s community. If given a chance, I promise to give my 100%:blush: