Application for the KyberSwap ambassador program

Name: Sharon Sunday
Preferred Language: English
Role : Brand Advocate/ community champion.

Public channels :


Inspiration: I was intrigued and impressed after doing some research and reading about the project, what it aims to do in the space, and how it intends to do so.
I firmly believe in the solutions the project offers, and I would be honoured to contribute my expertise to the effort to promote the narrative’s widespread acceptance.

I am a highly skilled community moderator with over two years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. I double as a cryptocurrency influencer/ content creator. I have had the privileged of working with projects like waves, YouSUI, steer , skaflic and Wow Earn. In my role as a cryptocurrency ambassador, I posses exceptional abilities as a content creator. I specialise in crafting compelling articles, designing visually appealing infographics , creating engaging memes and producing educational video contents. With this diverse skill set , I have the capacity to effectively engage with multiple social platforms, raising awareness and providing valuable information to the general public about this remarkable project. By so doing, I hope to foster increased adoption and strengthen the project’s community…

KyberSwap is an amazing and ground breaking project and it will be my pleasure to build this project with its amazing team and gain knowledge and experience in the process. Thank you.

Some links to my pervious work: