Application for the position of a Brand advocate

My name is Elijah
My preferred language is English

Telegram: @jaypana
Discord: jaypana#3446
Medium: zzcrickan

I’m calm and laid back, emotional intelligent and hardworking. I enjoy playing video games and hanging with friends during my free time. I’m a crypto enthusiast and I’ve been in the space for about 3 years now and I’ve worked as ambassador for various projects for about a year and a half, I’ve worked with projects like waves network, moonbeam and so on. I created content strategically targeted at bringing in new investors and creating awareness.

I’m stoked about the decentralization that comes with cryptocurrency, the anonymity and transparency. I’ve researched kyberswap and I align myself with its goals and objectives, I’m looking forward to contributing my own part into the growth of kyberswap taking it from where it is right now to where we want it to be.