Application for the role of a Brand Advocate

Name: David Samuel
Preferred Language: English

I’m Sam, a fun filled and loving person. Am an experienced Project Manager, Content Creator, Brand Ambassador and an experienced Moderator.
I’m a self dedicated and goal oriented person. I have worked in the blockchain industry for more than 3 years. I am a Defi and Crypto Enthusiasts with a broad knowledge about the blockchain industry.

Based on experiences derived from serving as an Ambassador for projects like Tokentag, Gafin and others, i would love to apply for the role of a Brand Advocate.
I used my skills as a graphic designer and content creator to make content which is able to enlighten the public and potential Clients about the project.

What made me passionate about Defi is the fact that it aims to provide financial services to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location or socioeconomic background and also is nice prospects unlike the traditional institutions.

In conclusion, i would love to be recruited so as to meet the team behind this project, get to meet like minded individuals and as well increase my knowledge, in return i will give my full time to this project and also create awareness and also help in moderation and answering questions of community members as it pertains to this project.
Thanks for considering my application.

Social media profile links :
Twitter -
Discord - defi_4rex#7432
Telegram - @defi4rex