Brand Advocate (Ambassador Appplication)

Name: Ernest Izuchukwu
Twitter Username: @izunna09
Telegram Username: @Izunna09

I am a creative Web3 enthusiast passionate about DeFi and Blockchain technology, supporting the growth of quality blockchain projects by engaging my years of experience , my skill sets and growth hack activities aimed at creating meaningful impact .

Had worked with several projects in the past to educate, inform and enlighten crypto enthusiasts and experts about quality crypto projects such as Tectonic .* Such projects are Sil.Finance, Metaxy, Instaraise, Map Protocol, Phutures DAO, Covalent etc***

My roles were:

  • Education: I played an important role in educating the community about the project’s goals, features, and potential benefits.

*Promotion: I promoted the project through various channels such as social media, forums, and events to increase its visibility and awareness.

*Advisor: I provided valuable feedback and suggestions to the project team to improve the project’s performance, usability, and overall success.

*Community Manager: I managed and grew the project’s community by answering questions, resolving issues, and fostering a positive environment.

*Content Creator: I created engaging content such as articles, videos, and social media posts to educate and attract new users to the project.

*Event Organizer: I organized and participated in events such as meetups, webinars, and conferences to promote the project and connect with the community.

*Analyst: I analyzed market trends and provide insights to the project team to help them make informed decisions.

*Translation: I translate project-related content into different languages to reach a wider audience and engage non-English speaking communities.

*Brand Ambassador: I represented the project and act as brand ambassadors to increase its credibility and reputation in the market.


  • In-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry
  • Good communication skills
  • Social media and digital marketing skills
  • Community management skills
  • Analytical and research skills
  • Passion and dedication

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Brand Advocate/Thought Leader
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