Application for the Ambassadorial role Brand Advocate

I am Tosin but i prefer to be addressed as 0xTosyn.
My preferred languagebis English amd i would love to be a part of this awesome project as a brand Advocate.

As a Brand Advocates/Thought leader i basically would use my social handles to amplify the project by writing articles, threads otlr tweets as the case may be.
My Twitterhandle:
My Telegram:OxTosyn
My Discord:0xTosyn #3890

Well, my experience as a content writer and a defi advocate has been awesome, its something i enjoy doing because i love the idea behind the blockchain
Technology and i love to be a part of any innovative idea under it, Going through my profile I have curated contents on Defi as well as great projects in the space and i Love what i do.

What inspires me the most about this space is the Decentralization and freedom it gives and the Advantage of using some Dapps with little or no assistance while able to navigate and make money with it, Hence my Application to be a Kyberswap Ambassador.

Thank you.