Application for Brand Ambassador role

Basic Info

I am Alice and my preferred language is English.

Social media handles.

Discord. Alice_m#9164
Telegram: @rona1bud

Twitter: @AliceInCrypto01

Experience & Inspiration

I am a crypto enthusiast passionate about growth. I believe that my knowledge of DeFi, and content writing skills will contribute to this role. My previous experiences as a Brand Ambassador are for Groot Finance, Terrol Protocol, and others where I educated about the products and utilities of this projects and also shared development updates with my network (Crypto Twitter).

What inspires me about DeFi is the freedom it gives to the masses to enjoy financial products and services without the need for an intermediary; financial services won’t be controlled by a centralized body but by the people. Using a DApp like Kyberswap that aid in providing liquidity while also maximizing returns for the Liquidity providers and provide exciting benefits for traders without intermediaries enhances the development of the DeFi ecosystem.

I look forward to hearing from you and will be very happy to be a KyberSwap Ambassador.