Application for the role of a Brand Advocate/Thought Leader

Name : Ayomi
Language : English
Role : Brand Advocate/Thought Leader

A. Here are the links to my social handles :
Twitter -
LinkedIn -
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @Ayomusk
Discord - Ayomixyz#3105

B. Well I’m old enough in the space to know what my audience need and I’ve got some certain skills when it comes to content creation which involves relatable defi memes and writing occasional threads regarding defi, NFTs, crypto and tech as a whole.

C. I’m more inspired by the tech in defi and the decentralisation. Especially in the aspect of decentralized autonomous organizations.
Talking about what inspires me in KyberSwap, some of what inspires me the most is the availability of products on multiple chains, the aggregator and security. Kudos to the team.

In addition, I’m a defi and nft enthusiast, a professional community manager and moderator with multiple years of experience and rare skills. I’d be glad if selected to be an ambassador for KyberNetwork. I’d be looking forward to a response, thank you.