Brand Advocate/Thought Leader

My name is Daniel Sylvester, an English Native speaker who possesses a good and smooth communication skill.

I have been in the Cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem for a while now, During this period I have been engaged with content writing activities for various Cryptocurrency projects spanning different blockchains and diverse usecaes.

I am also also a social media manager with focus on providing visibility through content for crypto related projects.

I enjoy sharing knowledge about Cryptocurrency within my local community which I have been doing since I got into the crypto ecosystem.

I am a content writer and social media manager with experience in applying these skills to Cryptocurrency projects for a while now.

Creating content that help explain concepts from first principles is my main purpose.
Some graphics and infographics I did

I also enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge about the technology of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

I have worked for MetaTdex as a brand ambassador/community moderator, I have worked for ArcFinance as a regional Ambassador/community moderator, I have worked for Oasis Network as content ambassador, Waves Protocol, name just a few

As an ambassador for KyberSwap, I will be more involved in writing articles that will help raise awareness about what is been built by the Kyber project.

I will also be involved in creating and sharing content on social media especially Twitter to raise awareness about KYBERSWAP on Social media.

I have over the past few days relented in applying for this position because I needed time to fully understand what the kyberswap project hopes to achieve and how this can be sustained on a long term. In doing this I have looked through the team, the project and approach to work of the whole ecosystem of this project. Everything seems to be well coordinated and activities towards growth seems to come from a place of proper planning and immediate implementation.

These core values around the growth of the Kyberswap project is what drives my decision to want to be a part of this project that is destined to be big, I believe in long term projects and as such kyberswap checks all the boxes.

I want to use my skill ensure that Kyberswap is a successful project and this I believe is my inspiration and driving force.

Here are my socials, kindly reach out

Telegram: @Danielsylvester

Discord: Danielsylvester#8997