Integrating and scaling across a fan based gaming market

So, I woke up this morning thinking about the League of Kingdoms integration. There is a significant opportunity in the gaming space for reasons I won’t totally spell out here since you all have done the research already. The problem with LOK like startups is they are still fairly experimental and needs time to build up a public presence and market share.

I believe there are some practical opportunities to create markets across fan bases. Each video game is like a walled garden. Most don’t allow transfers of items between games. They often operate independently as competitors. However, due to the upgradeable nature of games + DLT, it’s possible to do much more interesting things such as:

  1. Reassign ownership of items
  2. Reassign ownership of items on a specific time frame
  3. Reassign ownership of items based on specific game conditions
  4. Convert in-game currencies across games/platforms
  5. Interact with users on an account-based, signed in basis
  6. Encourage a marketplace of independent creators or special items via ERC-721s
  7. Interact with users on a signed in, accounts basis
  8. Create derivative representations of in-game currencies or items for assignment to accounts

So, these are a lot of possibilities but what could actually be done with them?

Let’s presume that I’m a Pokemon Fan. I like playing Pokemon Go, Pokemon Planet, and Pokemon MMO. As things stand, I can see no collaboration or integration of these projects. But, there are some items that are common to each of them (Pokeballs, Master Balls, Potions, Stones, etc) and some unique items that exist in each game.

Well, if we start at a basic level, it would be amazing if I could transfer my Master balls from Pokemon Go to Pokemon MMO at some conversion rate (because the frequency of encountering these items for acquisition across game might be different). This really excites me now because I simply get to be the Poketrainer I know I am across different games, which used to be independent walled gardens. I can focus on goal attainment in each game instead of mindlessly going through the motions simply to build up each account to parity on independent tracks.

Now, let’s get really crazy. I want to use my Articuno from Pokemon Go on Pokemon MMO. Realistically, it’s unlikely that Pokemon Go would allow a smaller Pokemon game to send PM onto its platform. In my world, each pokemon printed into a game exists as a unique ERC-721. In the middleware, I’ve defined some data transformation parameters (e.g. a conversion formula for stats such as strength, defense, agility) so that the PM can work across platform. Now, I execute an operation to send my Articuno from PMG to PMMO. My PM may not be able to grow or gain experience in its new environment but, I’m now able to use it towards meeting my goals in the game, preserving the effort I put in as a trainer across platform.

I’m sure n-number of these type of scenarios exist, especially when you look across gaming brands that are popular outside of the USA.

Of course, in order to make this happen, each user account would need to be assigned a wallet in the backend which could receive fiat or crypto to pay tx fees for such exchanges. Naturally, this becomes feasible with L2 in place since tx value needs to be really low for daily, low-friction use otherwise known as adoption.

Ok! That’s it for now :slight_smile:


I’m a little curious. What does this have to do with kyber?

Hey Henry, part of Kyber’s core value propositions is swapping assets. If you look at today’s use cases they mostly exist in a crypto exchange scenario. Each exchange or user wallet is like a “walled garden” which Kyber provides a bridge between. At a fundamental level, I’m only talking about building bridges between walled ecosystems. So, I think, it has everything to do with what Kyber is already good at.

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I get it a little bit. Thank you very much. :grinning:

No problem. To add one more layer of context, when I was a kid, we used to play pokemon outside after school. If I had a pokemon another kid wanted, they would hand me a crisp $20 USD bill, we’d connect our transfer cables and I would send my valuable pokemon for something common. This created an trading scenario that was unsupported by the system as designed.

Pokemon is one of the world’s most recognized brands. 10s of millions of people engage with this brand each day. This is not to say that Kyber needs to get into Pokemon but simply to illustrate there have to be spaces where an element of cross game / cross platform trading could unlock new value for users.

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