Kyber Network Ambassador Application - Africa

Hello Kyber Network team , I Am Abdul Based in Nigeria , The Northern Part of Nigeria, Kaduna State.
A Graduate of Mining and Minerals Engineering and Presently An Aspiring Data Analyst,i have a deep knowledge as a Crypto Marketing Manager and Community Building /Management in Africa.

I have an Expertise in Developing marketing strategies for Cryptocurrencies Exchanges and Blockchain projects,which involve creating marketing plans, identifying target audiences, and developing messaging that resonates with those audiences.

Creating and managing social media campaigns across multiple platforms, work with influencers /KOLs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to help promote specific projects and generate buzz.

I completed my graduation in 2021 from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Now, Where i studied Mining Engineering.

And Currently started a Career in Data Analyst tho still in my early Age.
I Recently worked with some top Exchanges in the World such as Kucoin,,CoinEx and Bybit Exchange as a KOL Manager Generating Above > $700M in Volume.

I saw this Via LinkedIn with the Head of Marketing in Kyber Network and I apply to Kyber Network team to bring my experience to this Blockchain and help its growth in the Africa.
Africa is poised to be the next hub of crypto and blockchain development, With blockchain on its way to becoming a central element in the next digital transformation of the global economy, one region yet to fully tap into the technology’s potential is Africa.

Today, Africa is the third fastest-growing cryptocurrency market globally, steadily attracting large investments. Between July 2020 and June 2021, crypto adoption in Africa surged by over 1,200 percent.

Adoption rates are high in countries like Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria, where the lack of financial services infrastructure has boosted crypto ownership, alongside being a preferred alternative for storing and transferring assets.

How can I contribute to you?

• I would like to create local community here in Africa [Kyber Network Africa] to attract as many African members as possible.

• I have experience in managing communities,i was the Community Manager in Copy Trading, Gate Earn,The Operation Manager for Gate Learn and also the Growth Lead in Africa,at Kucoin i was among the African Team that Boosted Kucoin to Every Nook and Cranny in Africa and also the Kucoin Community Chain African Ambassador.

• I have Contacted African KOLs,Community Leaders and Did AMA with Alots of local Community.


Contact: Telegram: Contact @Abdul0103 @Abdul0103

Discord : Abdul#3997


Email : [email protected]

Best Regards, Abdul.