Application as a Brand Advocate - KyberNetwork Ambassador

Hello, My name is Abdulsamad Tiamiyu, I am a Creative Visual Creator that creates content on all Social Media Platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) with the brand name The Crypto Oracle.

I am submitting my application for the position of Brand Advocates within the KyberSwap Ambassador Program.
My Preferred language is English Language.

I was inspired to create crypto content for Africans by the immense potential and empowerment that cryptocurrencies offer to individuals in underserved regions.

Witnessing the hunger for knowledge and the need for accessible, localized resources in Africa, I felt compelled to bridge the information gap.

Empowering Africans with crypto education can foster financial inclusion, economic growth, and technological advancement, which motivates me to share insights, demystify crypto, and contribute to positive change on the continent.

Here are the links to my social media accounts.
Facebook : Redirecting...
TikTok :
YouTube :
Instagram : The Crypto Oracle🚀 (@crypto_oracle1) • Instagram photos and videos
Twitter :

The dynamic blend of decentralization and innovation in the crypto space continually inspires me. Decentralization grants individuals unprecedented control over their financial assets, liberating them from traditional constraints common in centralized platforms and exchanges.

I want to use my content creation skill and role as a Brand Advocate to share my knowledge and expertise with others, and to help educate and onboard new users to Kyberswap.