Application For Kyber Community Champion

Hello and a good morning to you. My name is Asian Dickson Ubuo I’ve been following Kyber Network for awhile as well as it’s trends. I’m reaching out to you because I’d love to become an ambassador for your platform and Represent kyber in my Region Nigeria, where I can start up and grow a community for your platform, carry out physical meet-up events and educate my community more about your project and how they can as well be effective and efficient community members.
Previously, I’ve worked with layer-1 blockchain projects like Quai Network as a Country Representative, Ambassador and Community Manager. I’ve helped them establish a strong community in Nigeria. I carried out the first physical meet-up events for them which had over 200 attendees and a series of other meet-ups.
Also, I’ve collaborated with Shardeum as an events speaker here in Nigeria where I’ve been able to educate gatherings on the importance of layer-1 blockchain projects.
I’ve developed a strong affinity for Web3 and Blockchain projects like yours and I am a strong believer in community and what people can achieve when they have the same vision and goal. Kyber Network is a crypto project that has prioritised community overall as well as how a community can drive growth and innovation. This is an attractive quality for me because I believe your platform is a place where community members are heard and their contributions count and I believe I can contribute most effectively to grow your community in terms of users, awareness, engagements, and of course investments.

Below is my Portfolio link, in which I have compiled my various skill sets, projects I have worked on, and links to previous categories of work samples:


Thank you for applying to the Community Ambassador Program.

We recently launched a new Community Delegate Program that might be suitable for you.

Kyberswap team is looking for future delegates that will actively participate in the governance forum, vote on each KIP and give insights about the future of Kyberswap, KyberDAO & DeFi in general.

Selected users will be delegated 50,000 KNC worth of voting power by the KyberSwap team and can expect around $110 worth of voting rewards per month.

If you are interested, find more information on the official announcement and feel free to apply: