Kyber Ambassador Application

I am Asian Dickson Ubuo, a blockchain marketer, growth hacker, content creator, project advisor, and NFT artist who is passionate about the web3 space. I reside in the western part of Africa, in Nigeria. I have a specialty in promoting and advancing project growth.
I’m looking for a position with Kyber Network platform where I can use my tactics, skills, and experience to help build and grow your project. Also, I would love to grow my connections and improve my skills while promoting your brand globally.
I have over 3 years of experience working with over 20 DeFi/Crypto projects in various capacities, such as Community Management, Community Moderation, Growth Specialization and Content Creation in various ways including creating promotional tweets, infographics, videos, memes and GIFs, graphic design, and in organising hackathon and Meet-Up events. Also, in setting-up, managing and mobilising of local communities
I will devote my working time to onboarding and educating new users about the foundations of your project by employing specific marketing strategies, managing online communities, creating engaging content, and organising virtual and physical meet-ups to educate new members while promoting this brand.

Here is a link to my Portfolio;

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