Application to the KyberSwap Ambassador Program

Good day!

I am Asian, I speak English (Bilingual level) and Filipino (Native/C2 level)

I have been in community building for 4+ years (even before web3) as well as a Talent Manager/Influencer Marketing for brands as prestigious as Perion ( and now more recently I have also been creating my own personal brand (Youtube = The Crypto Asian - Tokens, NFT, Crypto - YouTube and Twitter =

Aside from my YouTube with 1,000+ subscribers and my personal Twitter account with 600+ followers, I am also the head of a web3 education-centric community with 200+ members currently, I have only started building these communities and platforms since December last year but I have already made great headway because of my talent in connecting with any and all kinds of people from all walks of life.

As a Talent Manager and before I have started creating content under my personal brand I have great experience in content ideation and the basics of content creation down especially in longform and static content on YouTube and Twitter. The most important part of content creation is to have the fundamentals of the specific platforms you are posting to down, such as intricate knowledge of the Twitter algorithm, dos and donts of the platform, etc.

My first experience with KyberSwap and greatest feedback about it is its ease of use, the number 1 problem that needs to be tackled by dApps and web3 in general is to make the onboarding process as easy as possible to actually encourage non-crypto natives to start using and participating in their respective ecosystems and in crypto in general.

I look forward to working with Kyber in a more closer fashion than just a participant and user!

All my relevant links and contact details are compiled below as well:
Twitter: @asianGlendow
Telegram: @asianGlendow
Discord: asianglendow / Asian Glendow#3409
Email: [email protected]
YouTube: The Crypto Asian - Tokens, NFT, Crypto - YouTube