Application letter

Hello KyberSwap Team!

My name is Williams Daniel . I’m a fluent English speaker, experienced community manager and creative content developer. I have a masterful experience and record on all the opportunities web3 puts forward with my growth in skills on this space . I am super elated to finally share my ideas while working for your brand as a proponent…

As a proponent, what I hope to achieve is to have KyberSwap gain global awareness and success growth as a blockchain brand with its undoubted aims and objectives which makes the brand stands out amongst others by providing traders with efficient token prices by careful analysis.

More so, with my years of experience in content creation, media, advertising communication, brand management and community moderation skills, your brand stands proven as a platform to successfully share my ideas with great like-minds and together learn new skills as we operate as a team to bring benefits to your brand also.

I have prior knowledge and experience in managing a crypto community, promoting blockchain projects. Ensuring a safe space against spam and other online vulgar language, violent or hateful speech, indecent such as nudes and other graphic images.

Other skills include:

· Representing a brand as an expert on its product or service

· Creating successful initiatives to promote a brand

· Writing and scheduling social media posts

· Interacting with followers on social media

· Managing other social media activities

· Handing out flyers or information packets

· Hosting parties or events that attract potential customers for the company

· Writing articles and content

· Networking as a representative of the brand

· Communicating with customers and consumers to determine their wants and preferences

Below are my social media handles:

Discord: samek#2006

Telegram: @samekwill

Twitter: @ekemadaniel2

Facebook: Williams Daniel

Here’s my resume:

I am really hopeful as I humbly seek to be part of your brand’s growth as I improve in my skills and career also. I look forward to receiving an express response. Thank you.