KyberDAO Community Delegate Application for Afnan

Ethereum address: 0x171b0484299CD173Ca3A4E7019cEE49dcF57Fc3E

Name: Md Sultanul Arefin Afnan (Tushan)
Linkedln: Md. Sultanul Arefin Afnan - Freelance Web Developer - Fiverr | LinkedIn
Discord: tus_af
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tushanafnan
Website: www.tushanafnan.con

I’ve been deeply involved in the world of cryptocurrencies since 2014, and over the years, I’ve had the privilege of serving various crypto communities as a dedicated community manager. My journey in crypto has allowed me to witness the incredible growth and evolution of this space firsthand.

As a community manager, my primary focus has always been on building and nurturing thriving crypto communities. I believe that a strong community is the backbone of any successful crypto project. I’ve worked with diverse projects, from blockchain startups to established cryptocurrencies, helping them connect with their communities, provide valuable insights, and foster meaningful discussions.