KyberSwap Ambassador

Application Template for the KyberSwap Ambassador Program
Basic Info
My name is Nicholas
I am fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English
3. Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders
Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders:
a. My social media and platforms:

b. For about 2 years I have been an ambassador for different kinds of projects. I create and promote content (art, memes, infographics, posts, treds, etc.). I started with bounty companies in 2018. In addition to all this I develop and popularize projects with the help of likes and retweets.

с. I like to promote and popularize projects. I fully support the development of this world and seeing new developments and achievements enjoy it as a child. This all inspires me to do my job perfectly. I love that KyberSwap wants to make DeFi better, more affordable, safer for everyone and I am really happy about that.