Kyberswap community champions ambassador program application

My name is Vincent Ebube, I am a web3 enthusiast and developer from Nigeria. Apart from my local dialect (Igbo) I write, hear and speak English language fluently. My preferred language is the English language.

I am writing to apply for the KyberSwap Community Champions Ambassador role.

I have been in the blockchain space for more than four (4) years. I’ve also been actively involved in web3 since the advancement of the web from web2 to web3. I’m a front end developer in web2 and a solidity developer in web3. I’ve been actively involved in community services and developments, testnets, project development and management.
I was actively involved as an ambassador with Exeno finance, Magically marketplace, Wolves, Rand, Open leverage, The Crypto Launchpad, Tribe etc.
I have also been so actively involved with projects testnets like the 5ireChain, klubx, Exceed, sui, starknet, zksync, Morphis, GoSleep etc.
I have also managed and moderated in communities like D3troit Labs, NFT Amigos, LA Mod and Management.
I am also a defi enthusiast with a great understanding of Defi and trading and I’ve actively taught this in WhatsApp communities too.

I am also a content creator, meme creator, content engager, moderator and communitor manager. I can create engaging and eye catching contents, videos and infographics.

I love KyberSwap project and its core values and will be willing and happy to be a part of the teams to actualize her goals.