oJahz application

  • What should we call you?

You can call me Jahz for the network environement but I will tell you my name if it’s needed :grin:

I am a newborn that is starting to walk in the world of DeFi (A bit more than 2 years).

  • What are your preferred languages?

My native language is french and creole but I understand english too, even if I am still learning it everyday.


  1. Community Champions :

Because I am a big KyberNetwork yield enthousiast since I have discovered it.

I would like to get more visibility (I am working on it) on social medias to bring peoples to project like KyberNetwork that are legit and seems to have a bright future.

  1. Community Champions:

I am a native french speaker, so I will easily be able to share, explain or translate with a familiar french what is needed to be said when they will hear about this project and join us.

I don’t really have an experience unless if you are mean sharing,
talking about projects around me,
being positive in group chat when other people brings fear or become meanfull,
report instantly when I see a problem no matter what is it,etc…

So it is not really a “work”,
it’s just a behavior I think everybody must have if we want an active, positive and reliable community !

No matter the outcome of the application, because I know that I don’t have much influence,
I will do my best to share the project and help anyone that want to know more about this project.

Thank’s for reading, have a good one !

My Socials :

X => @4KITTT
Discord => oJahz