Ambassador Program Application [keozz]

Basic Info

  • Karen
  • English, Russian


  1. Community Champions
  2. Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

Hello, I’m Karen, 20, Male. I used to be a professional athlete, doing Powerlifting for 4 years. In February 2022, I have started my crypto journey, learned a lot along the way. I have experience either as an ambassador or moderator, work with a lot of projects, such as: Steer Protocol (Ambassador), Injective Labs (Ambassador), Rubic Finance (Ambassador), Kattana (Volunteer Ambassador), Phala Network (Volunteer Ambassador).

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I have experience moderating the following projects:

  1. L1 Blockchain that offers “governance-as-a-service” - Q Blockchain ( - Moderator (Contract)
  2. A decentralized exchange that offers unlimited leverage on any asset, with no liquidations, no counterparty risk & no oracles - InfinityPools ( - Moderator

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