Application for a Brand Advocate role

Hi, I’m beacy. I’m from Ukraine, and that’s why I can fluently speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

I have been in crypto for about two years, so I have a good knowledge and passion for learning something new daily. Currently, I am an ambassador in Injective, BlockPI, and Masa. I can create threads on Twitter, also write articles and translate any articles related to the project into Ukrainian or Russian.

For me, DeFI is a new world of financial opportunities that gives an ordinary user the freedom to decide where to keep their money or where and what to exchange it for. And I am most inspired by new projects that are creating new solutions to improve the speed and cost of transactions. A simplified interaction process will help the globalization of the defi Kyberswap is a prime example of this, as it is an aggregator that provides the most favorable exchange rate.