Application as Technical Advisor and Brand Advocate

Basic Info

Hello. My name is Visioner. I represent an active and developing cryptocommunity. Me and the core team have a vast experience in crypto, we are fond of crypto for more than 5 years and have a solid understanding of the sphere itself: from technical and fundamental points of view.

Languages that we can freely operate with: English, Russian, Czech

I would like to apply for 2 positions:

  1. Technical Experts/Advisors
  2. Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders


  1. Technical Experts/Advisors:
    a. Me and my team has very broad and intesive experience in DeFi (we have tested a lot of problems as in testnet, as in mainnet where we’ve already put our money at stake). I beleive that KyberSwap is one of the fastest growing DeFi spaces at the moment. With the help of bringing more user attention to it, it can grow much more rapid. But currently platform has so many features that ordinary people that just used Uniswap previously can easily get lost. That’s why I beleive that we could bring our experience to bridge this gap.
    b. Our technical expertise is very vast. I have a team that members of which have degrees in Information Security, Software Engineering, Artificial intelligence. So I would tell that we can cover the majority of technical aspects ranging from Networks, Protocols to Programming and Math.
    c. We’re always looking for ways to improve . Can you share your thoughts about the current challenges and opportunities of Kyberswap in DeFi and provide some suggestions from your POV?
  2. Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders:
    a. Couple of our twitters:
    TG channel:
    Telegram: Contact @investmenthollow
    Blog on (many our articles reach 3-5k views):
    Investment Hollow — Блог на
    b. We have created many infographics for such projects as ParalleChain, MetaTrader, Jediswap, etc. Contact us and we will be glad to share samples from our past work to demostrate the quality of our work.
    c. The most inspiring thing about DeFi is that people can truly control their assets and being able to direct their funds immediately to anywhere it comes to their mind. What’s truly inspiring about Kyberswap itself, that it is moving into direction of adoption of DeFi technologies to everyday use. It’s not enough nowadays to have just platform to exchange tokens. On contrast, one should show opportunitites for clients of what they can do with their money and Kyberswap’s features like KyberAI is exactly the thing! In addition, I’m also excited with emerging partnerships and quite fast inclusion of new chains to the platform.