Kyberswap Ambassador Program Application - @Huan_coin

Name: Nguyen Van Huan
Email: [email protected]
Country: Viet Nam
Social media profiles:

Why do you want to become a Kyberswap Ambassador?
→ I used a lot of Defi applications and was quite surprised to see a large Vietnamese project called Kyberswap. Although Vietnamese projects are often not appreciated, I know Kyber is a well-invested project. Therefore, I want to become a member of Kyber and contribute to this project.

What experience do you have with cryptocurrencies and blockchain?
→ I have been seriously interested and working in the field of Crypto since the end of 2021. Starting at the bottom is the website content (you can check many crypto ecosystem articles on the website, I gradually moved to the position of assistant for a Crypto community (MMT Group - mmtgroup | Twitter, Facebook | Linktree ) . As someone who cares and follows the market closely, I believe I can quickly update the new trends in the market.

What ideas do you have for promoting Kyberswap online?
→ Indeed, there are too many new Defi products launched, so the competition is extremely fierce. However, I think Kyber can still promote its image indirectly thereby increasing product recognition. I think using “MEMES” is an indirect way of doing that. I see “Troll Xe” has done this quite successfully with the Swift car product on the Facebook platform. We can do the same thing, promoting Kyber on the Twitter space.
You can refer to 2 posts of indirect trolls with Swift cars:

What relevant skills or experiences do you have that would make you a good fit for the Kyberswap Ambassador Program?
→ With the idea of promoting through “MEMES” as I mentioned above, I think it will take a team to support it. Personally, with the INT(P/J) personality group, I think I could be a key person to implement this idea. The ultimate goal, of course, is to achieve the Ambassador program’s goal of increasing Kyber’s identity.


hi @Huan_coin thank you for your interest in our program, we would love to discuss further information via Telegram/Discord, please help to check your inbox here (we don’t dm first on Telegram & Discord)

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Nice, I love memes too, feel free to keep feeding meme ideas to us! Thanks for the application.

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