Kyberswap Ambassador Program Application (Youtuber)

Name: Salman
Based: Melbourne, Australia
Languages: Native English

Twitter: @cryptotechF
Youtube: @CryptoTechFusion

I’m a full-time crypto/ forex trader with 3 years of experience. I’m producing youtube content as well. Because of my in-depth knowledge of the technical and fundamental side, I would seek to play as part of the Kyberswap Ambassador Program.

Over the last several years I have been involved in the DeFi space as well as many crypto mining and play-to-earn projects. I’ve been part of many crypto marketing projects as well.

My past experience puts me in a brilliant position to assess and articulate Kyberswaps strengths and weaknesses as an upcoming DeFi product.

Overall, I am excited to be part of this amazing community. Amazing to see Vietnamese teams continue to impress on the international crypto stage!