KyberSwap Ambassador Program My application

You can call me Natalia. I can understand and communicate in Polish, Ukrainian, English, and Russian.

  1. Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders:
    a.My social media link -
    b. I am an ambassador of Goldfinch, Firefly, Minima, KYVE projects. Installed project nodes: Gear, NYM, Aptos, Subspace, Starknet, Minima, Masa. I have been studying WEB 3, DeFi, NFT projects for a long time - I am well-versed in various networks, defi projects.
    I have video editing skills in Adobe premier pro, Adobe illustrator, I can work in Photoshop and create infographics, I have experience in writing articles and guides about crypto projects in the medium blog!
    That is why at the moment I help to develop interesting and promising projects by developing communities around them. I have good content creation skills (text, graphic and video). Productively work in teams and create them. Easily find contacts with any kind of people.
    Building a strong presence on Twitter within the DeFi/blockchain/crypto community often involves consistently sharing valuable and insightful content related to these topics. Engaging with other thought leaders, participating in relevant discussions, and staying up to date with the latest industry trends and news can help establish credibility and attract a following. It’s also important to interact with the community, respond to comments, and foster meaningful connections.
    c.DeFi is a rapidly evolving space that brings together innovative technologies and financial concepts. What inspires me the most about this space is the potential for financial inclusion, transparency, and empowerment it offers to individuals worldwide. Decentralized applications (Dapps) like KyberSwap provide users with the ability to participate in decentralized finance, trade tokens, and explore new financial opportunities in a permissionless and trustless manner.
    As an ambassador of various projects and with my skills in content creation, community development, and knowledge of different networks and projects, i certainly have valuable expertise to contribute to the development of interesting project.